May 11, 2022

The Effects of Stress on Venison Quality Prior to and During Harvest: What is ‘Ultimate pH’ (pHu) and Myoglobin in Meat Anyway

By now a couple things should be pretty clear: 1.) The pressures of hunting can cause both acute and chronic stress in animals and will depend on the context of both the animal and the season/particular hunt that results in the harvest; 2.) The influence of long-term environmental stress on deer during the hunting season and the influence of short-term stress caused by the actual harvesting of the animal, those forces work in opposite directions. Seasonal, long-term chronic stress lowers ultimate pH of the meat while the act of harvesting the animal - the short-term acute stress of being culled - increases its ultimate pH...

May 4, 2022

Custom RIFT Hydrofoil Fishing Lures: The Invention and Patent of Fishing Made Easier

This is accomplished by having a design with the center of lift aft of the center of gravity...Design, proportionality, mass, materials, all became critical components central to the hydrofoil design.

Apr 26, 2022

How to Hang, Skin, and Quarter a Deer

Yes, the old time black and white photos predominantly show deer strung across buck poles, noses to the sky. What was also true back in those days was everyone wore matching red flannel wool to deer camp and walked uphill in the snow both to and from school. Luckily for us those days are long gone. We get to wear badass camo. We get to use state of the art bows and rifles. And yes, we get to use fancy new Deer skinning hangers that double as extra large cutting boards to skin and quarter, then process the wild game

Apr 20, 2022

What gets you out of bed in the morning: Motivation on the other side of where the Red Fern Grows

What Get's you out of bed in the morning? It's a simple question really. I'll give you my answer. My first thought is...

Apr 13, 2022

Be Someone Else's Hero

Psychology tells us that we’re all ‘heroes’ of our own stories, but what does it take to be the hero of someone else’...

Apr 7, 2022

Debunking Five (5) Venison Myths

Ground venison is a dense, rich, and creamy delight. Properly prepared, venison is a lean, high protein meat. Many wrongly argue that it’s so lean you need to add fat to it. Ground Venison, in any form, is filling, not fatty...

Mar 30, 2022

Father’s Day Tradition: Unique Father's Day Gifts

Shortly after moving to the Metro Detroit area I was introduced to a completely different kind of fishing; trolling with planer boards. The combination of the multi-line spread and success it more than often yields, left me fish smitten.

Mar 23, 2022

The Ideal Fishing Program: Cogs of the Finely Tuned

The most ubiquitous lure. What is it? I'm willing to wager, even if you haven't done the research, and even if you are new to the sport, you know what it is. It’s the Spoon. Simple and elegant, it comes in all shapes and sizes; in casting, jigging, in trolling, and in flutter; in every color and pattern you've ever seen or can imagine.

Mar 15, 2022

The Art and Science of Trolling: Flashers and Flutter Spoons

What flasher analysis tells us about fishing lures generally, and in particular, about the prowess of the trolling spoon is this. Trolling spoons, like flashers, are designed to attract fish. Trolling spoons, like flashers, are available in an assortment of color combinations and patterns. Trolling spoons, like flashers, come in various lengths, widths, cupping and contours that produce predictable, yet distinguishable movement from other trolling spoon designs. It makes perfect sense then, that a particular physical design, and therefore specific pattern of movement, for a particular trolling spoon would also result in different outcomes. Just as flashers do.

Mar 10, 2022

Allegory of a First Trout

My Grandmother Jane owned a farm where a small crick split the property and flowed out to Bear Creek. By eight (8) years old I already had my own vocation, cleaning barn stalls and bailing hay. It was during one of these summer weeks spent at the farm that my love and admiration for Trout fishing began. 

Mar 2, 2022

The Ideals, Not the Man, nor the Boulevard: “...Rugged Free Market [Rust Belt] Capitalism…” - MLK Jr

By the fall of 2021 our sales throughout the US and Canada had started to pick up to the point where revenue that wasn't being pumped back into purchasing raw materials and the like, could be used to buy a gently used trade show booth to be retro-fitted with our brand’s logo and colors. So that’s what we did. We scraped up enough money to put together a very clean looking expo presentation and pay the exhibitor fees and hotel room costs, and got to work.

Feb 23, 2022

An Exercise in Hard Water Fishing Expeditions

I’ve unintentionally fallen in rivers trying to cross at the end of November getting cute while chasing whitetails. I’ve accidentally tipped canoes in March when the banks were still full of snow and you have no choice but to finish the hour journey down stream to the next closest launch site. I’ve intentionally jumped through holes cut through 20 inches of ice in January and all in the name of charitable giving. The first thing that happens when submerged in waters...
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