Another Interview Request... Say What!

Another Interview Request... Say What!

From sitting down with Shoreline Media last year to being interviewed by Growthsuite more recently, it's always flattering to answer the who, what, why, when, and where questions with someone new.


1.) Can you introduce yourself and

Michael and Jennifer Hiller. Cousins with Joshua and Katie Hiller. We're not trust fund babies, adrenaline juggernauts, or food and wine connoisseurs. We're 'Jack and Diane'. Two American couples who grew up in the Midwest. If anything we're self-proclaimed fun aficionados, foodies, and the woods and water kind of peeps trying to raise a couple kids and make some lasting memories along the shuffle across this mortal coil...


2.) How was born? How did you start?

Avid anglers and Huntsmen we found ourselves burned by too many bad fishing lures. After pulling them out of the package, we would often find lures chipped and dinged, with shabby airbrushing work and cheap hooks. Too many bad experiences with shoddy products caused us to re-think the utility and design of many of the products we had ourselves bought and used over the years. What started from frustration turned into passion. Pure and simple.


3.) What makes different? Can you explain your products with details?

Although we are known for our 'Custom RIFT' fishing lures (trolling spoons that jig while being trolled); our 7-in-1 Tin packs (spoons that can be arranged in multiple orientations and weights to either cast, jig, or troll for various species); our Trophy Boards (gambrel hangers for fish and wild game that double as oversized cutting boards) and our ‘Damn Good Deer Drag (made from machined and anodized aluminum and para-max paracord), we do also have traditional spoons for trolling, feather spoons for bass fishing, and a host of other hunting and fishing accessories.


4.) What reactions do you get from your clients? Do they love your products?

Selfies. Tons of pictures with fish, waterfowl, turkey, and deer in them. We love that people use our products to enjoy the sport they love. We find it utterly flattering when they share their success stories with us.


5.) What are the advantages of

We built our own lure tank to test lures. We machined our own proprietary die cast lure molds. We own our own intellectual property as well as patents on our products. In short, we ‘sweat the details.’

Specifically, we’ve benefited from our automotive-grade clear coated, 12 month lure guarantee, Hydrofoil lures being called ‘the first novel fishing spoon to hit the market in over 50 years; and our never rot, never rust, never chip, peel, or crack, multi-purpose game hanger advantage.


Stay HangryOutdoors my Friends,

Mike (Blush Emoji) Hiller 



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