A Fishing Lure Game of Throngs:  Do the Damn Things Work

A Fishing Lure Game of Throngs: Do the Damn Things Work

Rouge One! You’ve just opened your tackle box to change out lures and a rough wave broadsides your boat. Since you’re not on a 38’ yacht (not yet anyway), you get pummeled by the crest’s force as it smashes against you. Trolling spoons and Flutter Spoons fly everywhere. 225 spoons, split rings, and trebled hooks to be precise.

You start to clean up and you realize you’ve got throngs of spoons. You’ve got Wonder Bread in 3 different styles (hammered, smooth, and Hex), in 3 different finishes (Standard, Glow, and UV), in 4 different sizes (standard, mag, small, and nano), made from 5 different materials (brass, steel, stainless steel, plastic, and gold plated copper), and made by 6 different spoon manufacturers who all utilize a total of 9 different brand and size treble hooks (all of which need a good sharpening btw!).

Here’s when you also realize you’ve got a problem. Having 225 spoons (Ahem – clears throat – 225 per box and don’t ask how many boxes) isn’t the problem. The variety of colors and patterns isn’t the problem, nor is the money spent, the time vested, or the vast collection. All, not a “problem.” The problem is two-fold 1.) You know by now what size and what color combinations work for which target species and in what weather conditions during every time of year (sure you keep a couple randoms close when nothing seems to be working, but you have your core, your choice selections); and yet you drag around you’re old spoons, spoons that haven’t seen water in years because, well, what’s the sense in leaving them at the dock, right. 2.) You’re dragging around lures made by 6 different manufacturers.

IF, and that’s a big if, that’s what works for you (dragging around a bunch of Brands that all run differently at different speeds, depths, and distances) then cool, so be it. If, on the other hand, you’re interested in getting more consistent (meaning, knowing your depths, avoiding crossing-up lines while trolling, and better catch rates) with your program, then I would challenge that philosophy with this question. Why not have 6 different Reel manufacturers, 6 different rod makers, 6 different combinations of backing, mainline, leader, terminal tackle, rod holders, downriggers, cannon ball, dipsy diver, snubber, planer boards, flashers, and electronics then? They all work – to varying degrees – so the same logic would apply, wouldn’t it. Or does it.

The most obvious answer is most Anglers (admittedly, for years this was me) have never really considered it. When pressed, most people say that not all manufacturers make the colors, sizes, and patterns they’re looking for and to get those varieties they are forced to shop around to get what they’re looking for. That is – or was – a fair statement (until 2020, more on this in a minute). But, what if I told you there was (now) a manufacturer of American made fishing lures, who offers the colors, sizes, and pattern varieties you’re looking for; all of the same and more variety that you’re accustomed to.

I can tell you that personally, when I pluck a product off a shelf or order it online, when I make a purchase I don’t care about the countless hours that went into the design; the countless dollars spent on research and development; the OEM logistics; or the dedicated product testing paradigms. What I do care about is this; that The Damn Thing Works. I bought it new so it better look new, and that it works. That’s the HangryBrand pledge: The products we sell, The Damn Things Work!

They not only work, but we offer custom spoons built to your color and design specifications. Have a design in mind and can’t find it anywhere. Want an old pattern replicated. Looking for a popular design, but want to put a spin on it.


Happy fish and Tight lines. Welcome to the Evolution,

Article written by Mike (Fish Mitts) Hiller

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