Design Your Own Spoons: Custom Fishing Lures

Design Your Own Spoons: Custom Fishing Lures

What else is there to do in the winter months? If you love the outdoors and live in the Northern quarter of the Country and skiing or snowboarding isn’t your cup of tea, then more than likely you’re Hunting, then ice fishing, then waiting for the first sign of open-water to chase down Walleye or Spring Browns.

Look. There’s a reason why custom Bandits, custom Flicker shads, and custom Husky Jerks are all the rave. They work. Bass guys have known this for years: Paying $50, $100, or even $200 for custom lures isn’t an expense for them, it’s an investment in their future tournament aspirations. It’s true that a custom lure does not a Professional Angler make. But it’s also true that if I’m fishing with a lure that my target species haven’t seen 100+ times already, and you’re fishing with a lure they have, that I’ll out fish you two (2) to one (1) hands down.

You can catch fish with off-the-shelf lures, there’s no doubt about it. What you can’t have with all those lures is an advantage over the oldest and behaviorally, the wisest fish in any given body of water you happen to be fishing in. There’s more. There’s an indescribable satisfaction that comes from designing and building your own lure, taking that lure out, fishing it, and catching fish with a lure you built.

There’s a reason why avid outdoorsmen tie their own flies for the river. A reason to why many Anglers tie their own spawn bags. They want their lures to look a certain way; they want their bait to respond a specific way, to float a certain way, and they want to elicit a precise response by their bounty to ensure solid hook sets.

They want to catch more damn fish and they enjoy telling the stories about how they come up with their designs, how they build their lures, and what great results those efforts have proven.

Besides, who has more knowledge about what designs work best for you, than you?

Happy fish and Tight lines. Welcome to the Evolution,

Article written by Mike Hiller

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