Trophy Board Game Hangers, The 21st Century Gambrel: Hands Down a “Game Changer”

Trophy Board Game Hangers, The 21st Century Gambrel: Hands Down a “Game Changer”

The ‘Hook’ (pun intended):

Despite the expansive variability in game hangers on the market today, we feel, and have felt for some time now, that all of them are plagued with the same problems and deficits in construction and operation. The drawbacks are well-known by hunters and trappers. Metal rusts, welds break, hardware loosens and comes apart. None of them are easy to clean, and all of them are one-dimensional in terms of what they can be used for. Having said all that, you might agree with us that it would be beneficial to have a game hanger where the construction is simple and straightforward; where it does not require welded fabrication or the use of fasteners; and yet it is still both strong and lightweight.

Additionally, our game hanger we’ve jokingly called ‘not your Granddaddy's gambrel’, is readily adaptable for the use in both portable (i.e. in the field) and stationary (i.e. at camp) applications and has various openings for attaching ropes or pulley systems. We figured that since we’re at it, it would be ideal to have a game hanger smooth enough to not only make it easier for constant grasping, gripping, and mobilizing of the hanger (even without wearing gloves), but it would also be desirable to have a game hanger which presents a simplistic, sanitary cleaning option and reduces or virtually eliminates microbial growth on its surface and by definition, in close proximity to meat to be butchered for human consumption.

Finally, we concluded that a modern game hanger should virtually eliminate the propensity of not only structural defects, but also a contemporary game hanger should never corrode, rot, or rust. Lastly, it shouldn’t chip, peel, or crack either. How did we accomplish all this you may ask. We’ll come back around to that, but first a side-bar history lesson on gambrel game hangers generally.


History of the Gambrel Hanger:

There are few things we find more fascinating than epistemology (The study of knowledge) and etymology (the study of truth/true meaning). Etym (i.e. true meaning) combined with ology (i.e. the study of) is a great way to leap into history, and by proxy the meaning of the Gambrel. From Gambe meaning ‘leg,’ to Gambier meaning ‘forked stick,’ and finally Gamberel and Gambrel presumably meaning various things (roofs for instance) that resemble the shape of the hind leg of an animal (horses in particular).

Best we can tell the word gambrel was used by those who would know best, farriers (those specialized in equine hoof care), and is a reference to a horse hock or the joint between the tarsal bones and tibia bone. This obtuse angle the hind leg makes is found in many four-legged quadrupeds. It would seem as though history and etymology is not without it’s irony. Afterall, the hock or tarsal (aka the gambrel of the animal) of larger wildgame animals is precisely where we make an incision and hang the animal on our ‘Gambrel hanger.’ Even more ironic then that the “gambrel” hanger doesn’t take the shape of a “gambrel” roof? We leave that up for the reader to decide.


The HangryBrand Game Hanger Solution:

The One-stop-shop for 1.) Hanging; 2.) Skinning/Plucking; 3.) Quartering/Gutting; 4.) Deboning/Filleting; 5.) Meal Prep; and Camp Stamps!

A device for hanging harvested game. The device includes a polymerized device body. The device body includes a front flat surface. The game hanger body includes a rimless boundary around a perimeter of the polymerized device body and a game hook formed unitarily with the polymerized device. If you dozed off reading that we can’t blame you, that’s - in part - what a non-provisional patent application sounds like.

Trophy Boards are patented and manufactured using a proprietary process from high density polymer materials. They can handle your biggest Big Game animal, and are versatile enough to aid in any small game, fish, bird, or waterfowl harvest as well.

  • Use this game hanger to skin and quarter your quarry and then use it again as an oversized cutting board to debone or fillet your next meal.
  • Trophy Boards are versatile enough to be used in scraping/fleshing hides for tanning or for plucking feathers from your next Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Instead of an old metal bracket why not use a Trophy Board as camp signage. Your HangryBrand™  Trophy Board™ is easily customizable via engraving, or by simply using custom decals.

HangryBrand's Trophy Board™ is guaranteed not to chip, peel, or crack. It's easy to clean with soap and water, and never corrodes, rots, or rusts. 

Long gone are the days of single-application gambrels laying rusted, piled in the corner of the garage. We can’t say for certain just how many multi-use, 21st century wildgame hanger/cutting boards you’ll need. What we can promise is this gift brings style and versatility to any deer camp.

Welcome to the evolution in hunting and fishing products,


article written by Mike Hiller

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