New Product Innovations for 2022: The Hydrofoil™ Chatter Fishing Lure Tin Pack™

New Product Innovations for 2022: The Hydrofoil™ Chatter Fishing Lure Tin Pack™

A Newfangled Fishing Spoon: There is arguably no lure better at emulating the erratic thrash of a wounded baitfish than the spoon. With all of it’s flash and pizazz this is exactly what this class of lure is designed to accomplish, genuine mimicry (in terms of both visual acuteness and lateral line vibration). In 1852 when Julio T. Buel moved to New York and patented the first fishing lure; he staked his future on this idea. Imitation so exacting (others unfounded) that fortunes would be won and lost on the idea over the next 170 years.

Freelance writer and journalist, Sam Lundgren puts our passion in his own words in his article “The World's Most Versatile Fishing Lure” this way:

“You could conceivably use the same exact lure to catch a golden trout above 10,000 feet in the Rockies, a muskie in the backwaters surrounding the Great Lakes, a steelhead in coastal Alaska, and a giant adult tarpon in the Florida Keys.”

The HangryBrand 7-in-1 Tin Pack™ is the quintessential versatility lure re-envisioned: Pop, Pitch, Flip, or Flutter, it’s great for amateurs and experts alike. The oldest and most prolific fishing lure on the planet just had its first breakthrough in over 100 years! Make that several breakthroughs.

The 7-in-1 uses a baked-on automotive grade clear coat and is backed by a first of its kind, one (1) year lure guarantee. What’s more, the lure is supported by two independent patents that compliment each other: one for standardizing and scaling lure illustrations; the other for the lure action itself.

Open the pack and there you’ll discover the HangryBrand Custom RIFT™ Hydrofoil spoon/s. Great in either freshwater or saltwater fishing applications, the individual lure is able to jig up to 20 inches vertically within the water column while it’s being trolled/retrieved horizontally. Better yet, the 7-in-1 Tin pack comes with two of these unique Custom RIFT Hydrofoil spoons (one illustrated and one authentic).

The 7-in-1 is made from polished and nickel-plated, progressive die stamped brass. Tin pack lures are available in smooth, hammered, or hex styles; lengths range from 2.30” up to 5.5”; and weights range from 1/4oz all the way up to 1.1ozs. The Tin pack also comes with two hooks and two stainless steel split rings. Lures are easily cast, jigged, or trolled. They find use on Rivers, Pier-heads, from Shore, or by Boat. Our motto: A lure that can be fished anywhere, can be sold everywhere.

The HangryBrand Tin pack comes with two Custom RIFT (Rise Increment, Fall Tolerance) Hydrofoil spoons that can be fished individually; coupled together to form a Chatter Lure orientation for increased vibration; or arranged in a jointed lure presentation which uses one or both hooks that are provided simultaneously. Our standard Gamakatsu G-finesse MH treble is included, and now available a Gammie weedless single hook.

The 7-in-1 comes in packaging that is 100% recyclable/reusable and 10% of the proceeds from purchases go to support fishing and boating activities such as boating access and fish stocking programs.

Article written by Mike Hiller


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