Mimicry & Necessity: Two Mothers of Invention

Mimicry & Necessity: Two Mothers of Invention

Inventors have always been inspired to mimic Mother Nature:

Take the airplane for instance. Or the battle tank. Or tractor and plow. Don’t forget the mirror, the venomous dart, or the fishing net. There is no greater example than the renaissance autodidact and polymath Leonardo da Vinci in the late 1400s. His flying machine resembles a bird right out of Lemony Snicket’s. His Parachute, armored car, self-propelled cart, scuba gear, the list goes on and on.

Art mimics life. Indeed it does. In the world of lure crafting, art absolutely should, and often time does, mimic ‘life.’

Bringing lures to life. That’s precisely what the tyer of the fly does. That’s what the airbrush strokes laid to crankbaits do. And, that’s what the Artisan crafted die press offers to brass sheets right before a fishing spoon blank emerges from the blank metal canvas.

The same is true of the Custom RIFT fishing lure with its hydrofoil lure action. If descriptive words like ‘Premium’ and ‘Small Batch’ make it sound like we sell top shelf whisky, then good. Then we’ve done our Marketing team well then ;). 

Do Alewifes Swim in a Straight Line to Avoid Salmon? Then why in the hell do your Fishing Spoons!

The same can be said for Crayfish-crackin Walleye; or Frog-suck’in Bass; or Goby-gobbling Lake trout; or Leech-lick’in Steelhead. Anthropods, Amphibians, Fish, and Parasitic Worms burst into all sorts of acrobatic displays to avoid predation! Nope, they certainly don’t swim in a straight damn line.

It’s a simple question with a ‘straight-forward’ answer really. No, they do not. Then why in the world do your lures stay in the same water column (with very little, if any, variation up or down)? 

Sure, there are plenty of lures on the market today that wiggle, waggle, or dart left to right. But, short of lures designed to be jigged, you’ll be hard-pressed to find spoons designed to be cast or trolled that are capable of both upward and downward mobility.

The reason is as simple as it is straight-forward. Up until this point - this point being 2022 - nobody had yet to invent a fishing spoon that could do it!

Well, those days are now in our rearview mirror: Custom RIFT fishing lures by HangryBrand have hydrofoil lure action baby!

Good luck and happy trails,

Mike (Lure Maniac) Hiller

HangryBrand Co-Founder

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