bass spoons

Jan 4, 2022

7-in-1 Versatility Fishing Lure: Pop, Pitch, Flip, or Flutter

We also recommend always installing split-rings from the convex side (the back) of the lure. This reduces the likelihood that the paint or clear-coat will get scratched from the installation process.

Oct 4, 2021

Fishing Spoons, Wounded Bait Fish, and Finding Fall Bass

In 1852 the spoon lure was officially invented. What we mean by this is Buel’s spoon inspired lure was officially registered by the US patent and trademark office. Buel’s own parents were relieved as they had long-since grown tired of their son cutting the handles from all their silverware. It was a few years prior to the issuance of the patent that Buel and his father opened their first manufacturing facility.
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